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Snow Removal Reminders From the City of Flagstaff website 

Winter Parking Ordinance

View City Code 9-01-001-0003

There is NO PARKING on city streets or alleyways from midnight to 7:00 a.m. The City of Flagstaff’s Winter Parking Ordinance goes into effect on November 1st and will remain in effect to April 1st.  This parking restriction is enforced whether it is snowing or not.This ordinance allows our Streets Section crews to thoroughly plow streets for your safe travel and it also aids street sweepers in the removal of cinders following a snowstorm.The Flagstaff Police Department does enforce the ordinance. If you are parked in violation of the ordinance and it’s not snowing, you will receive a ticket. If you are parked in violation of the ordinance and it’s snowing, you are likely to have your vehicle towed away as well as receiving a citation.

Clearing Sidewalks

View City Code 8-03-001-0004

Property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping the sidewalks adjacent to their property free and clear of any accumulation of snow, ice, or other obstruction; in any event no later than 24 hours after the accumulation. The ordinance also prohibits moving snow or ice onto city streets or alleys. Shoveling snow onto streets after plowing compounds ice buildup. Changes in the Safe Sidewalk Ordinance include owners/occupants being served a Notice of Violation 1 time per season with unsafe sidewalks being abated at their cost. Please be considerate of your customers/neighbors...clear off your sidewalk following a snowstorm, deposit of snow or ice from street clearing efforts or other accumulations.  

2019 Updates


Zoning Information referenced in January 5th email blast

COF Zoning Code (PDF)


Project Summary Letter (pdf)


Aura Flagstaff Mtg Notice for 03.04.19 (pdf)


AuraFlagstaff Update 03.13.19 (pdf)


Aura Flagstff Notice 05.08.19 (pdf)


Neighborhood Inspections

Routine inspections take place between March and October typically within the first ten days of the month, along with random inspections at the discretion of the Board of Directors

Below are a few helpful tips to consider to avoid getting a “nasty gram” from the HOA. LANDLORDS: please be sure to pass this information and the new Enforcement Policy (attached) along to your tenants.


Yard Maintenance 

Pine Needles – Please keep yards free of pine needles and pine cones. If you have an approved “Native Landscaping” plan, pine needle/cones accumulation must be kept to a minimum. This is a fire safety matter!

Weeds – All graveled landscaped areas must be free of vegetation (this includes the area between the curb and sidewalk). If you use weed spray, you must rake up the dead weeds. Any “natural” approved areas must be free of invasive weeds/grasses. 

If you are an out of town owner and would like assistance in finding a vendor to perform yard work at your property, please email 


Vehicle Parking – Vehicles must be parked in the garage or in the driveway, NOT on any landscaping or graveled side yards.

Trailer Parking – Trailers may only be ON THE LOT for loading and unloading or otherwise approved by the HOA. If you know you’re going to have your trailer on your lot in preparation for a trip, please send a quick email to to let the HOA know. If the HOA does not know about it, you will be sent a violation letter if the trailer is seen on the lot during any inspection.

Storage & Trash

Misc. Storage – All personal items need to be kept in the garage or in a fenced back yard out of sight. Some items seen on inspections include, yard tools, pallets, buckets, play toys, bulk trash items…if you think it should be put away, it probably should.

Bulk Trash – Do not place items curbside sooner than the Sunday before the scheduled pick up week (

Refuse Container Storage – Trash and Recycle cans must be stored out of view when positioned in line with an entrance to the home (entry/garage). If you have a gate to the back yard, cans need to be stored behind the fence.

NOTE: If you have received a home/yard maintenance letter in the past and completed the work, please be sure that you have notified the HOA of the work completion. All “open violations” will be subject to the new Enforcement Policy. To avoid frustrations /unnecessary letters from the HOA, be sure that you have formally closed out any past/current violations by emailing

Have a special circumstance? No problem, email and let the HOA know the situation; such as, refuse container in need of repair waiting on the curb for City services, loading/unloading a trailer for a trip, house project requiring a trailer or material to be left out front (all exterior projects must be approved).


Please review the information below to be prepared for emergencies within the community!

Coconino County Emergency Alerts

City of Flagstaff Ready, Set, Go Flier

Coconino County Be Prepared

National Fire Incident Information



Appliances, hazardous waste, construction materials and tires are not picked up as bulk trash and require special arrangements to be made (reference the Schedule above). 

Helpful Links

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- Sign up for the Coconino County Emergency alert notifications by following the CodeRED link on county website